Barnabas Harrigan

Sinister, successful Free Captain of the Wormwood



Male Bonawut fighter-rogue


Sneak Attack
+3 short sword
+1 returning boarding axe
Howling skull armor
Mariner’s eyepatch
Dazzling Display
Shatter Defenses


Drawn in part from “The Price of Infamy”

Barnabas Harrigan is not his first name, but it is the only one he has been known by as a pirate. He started his career on the pirate ship Sea Wasp, abandoning enforced militia service in Bloodcove for a life at sea. Over the next five years, he rose to the rank of first mate, and lost his eye in the process.

The Sea Wasp mostly targeted merchant vessels off the coast of Senghor, but eventually worked its way up the coast to Port Peril. There, Harrigan jumped ship in search of his own vessel to command. Unfortunately, he learned that there were few opportunities to immediately start as a ship captain, and so he pledged himself to the service of Captain Alaster Flint of the Wormwood. Harrigan soon found himself headed south again, but after enduring a few months of slim pickings at sea, Captain Flint looked to shore for easier bounty-slaves. After one particularly lucrative raid, Harrigan slit Captain Alaster Flint’s throat, and took the Wormwood for his own.

Now finally in command, Captain Harrigan spent the next few years developing a fearsome reputation, primarily preying on merchant vessels of Cheliax, even managing a daring last-ditch escape from the clutches of notable Chelish admiral Druvalia Thrune, several months before the start of our tale.

Captain Harrigan is a tall, muscular man, with skin the color of fertile earth. His head is shaved, and he keeps his long black beard twisted and waxed into a single lock bound with gold rings. Years of practice have made Harrigan an accomplished commander. He’s edgy enough to push his crew, though he isn’t an overly cruel leader. In his eyes, abusiveness shows weakness. That being said, he sees no fault in keeping his crew complacent with strong – and slightly poisoned – rum, and making an example out of the particularly troublesome.

Barnabas Harrigan

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