Isabella "Inkskin" Locke

Tattooed sorcerer, pirate, and ally of the sahuagin


From Raiders f the Fever Sea:

Isabella “Inkskin” Locke wears little in the way of clothing, the better to show off her many tattoos, including a large stylized sea snake tattoo on her left hip and abdomen. More crudely rendered tattoos crowd the rest of her flesh, principally sharks and other creatures with gaping maws filled with jagged teeth. Most interesting, however, is the large tattoo of a map inscribed between her shoulder blades. Isabella wears a large set of wooden false teeth that have been sharpened into points like the maw of a shark. Years spent living among the ichthyic sahuagin have purged any lingering remnants of human compassion or mercy from Isabella, who is as cruel and remorseless as the namesake of her ship, the Thresher.

Isabella’s life has been one of cruel hardship and misery that she only too gladly bestows upon those who fall within her clutches. Isabella was born in Varisia, and her talents as a sorcerer had already emerged and her mystical tattooing begun when she was taken at the age of 12 in a raid by the Tian pirate Soshimira and made his personal slave. Isabella was subjected to the pirate’s every cruel whim, including the defacement of her flesh with crude tattoos and having all of her teeth knocked out with a cobbler’s hammer. When Soshimira came into possession of a copy of Cyrus Wolfe’s map to Mancatcher Cove, he took great delight in painfully tattooing the map across Isabella’s back to ensure he never lost it.

Soshimira met his match in cruelty as the sahuagin of Mancatcher Cove scuttled his ship, Dragon’s Dishonor, and slaughtered his crew. Isabella’s life was spared thanks to her timely use of a charm monster spell upon the sahuagin chief Krelloort, who took her as concubine and advisor. Eventually, Isabella manipulated Krelloort into helping her capture and outfit a pirate ship of her own, which she christened the Thresher.


Isabella "Inkskin" Locke

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