Kerdak Bonefist

Skeletal-handed Hurricane King of the Shackles' Free Captains



Kerdak Bonefist, Hurricane King

Old male human (no age penalties due to Sun Orchid elixir), unknown ethnicity

Notable equipment and abilities:

Enervating Pistol (can only be wielded by an undead hand)
+3 Rapier
Hurricane Crown (glamour: pirate bicorne)
Sneak Attack +4d6
Skeletal Hand: Vampiric Touch 3/day


Extracted from the Skull and Shackles adventure path, “From Hell’s Heart”.

Kerdak Bone fist is the bastard son of an itinerant pirate navigator who sailed with any captain who would have her, sired by some nameless blackguard in a drunken haze in Port Peril’s lowest taverns. Yet for all his humble beginnings, the man who would come to be called “Bonefist” took to the pirate’s life like a fish to water. The wise take care not to mention this history.

As soon as he was old enough, Kerdak took service as a cabin boy on the pirate vessel Rock Bottom under Captain “Keelhaul” Thurl, eventually working his way up the ranks to first mate. During this time, the Rock Bottom had the misfortune of running into the galleon Naegoul, captained by the lich sorceress Raugsmada. Captain Thurl was slain in the battle, along with many of the Rock Bottom’s crew, but just when all seemed lost, Kerdak disappeared into the Naegoul’s captain’s cabin. What transpired between Kerdak and Raugsmada aboard the Naegoul that night remains a mystery to this day, but when Kerdak emerged from the captain’s cabin, the undead galleon broke off the battle and disappeared into the night mists, and Kerdak’s right hand had become fleshless white bone infused with necromantic energy. Kerdak named himself captain of the re- christened Filthy Lucre that very night, and the man known as Kerdak Bonefist was born.

As captain, Bone fist married iron discipline and ruthless efficiency to piratical boldness, and his growing wealth and infamy attracted many pirates to his banner of a bony fist over crossed blades. Bonefist’s cunning leadership allowed independence in many areas, but required precise coordination and teamwork in his allies, and as their victories on the seas mounted, so too did his prestige. His theft of sun orchid elixir from Ezaliah Thrune—not just once, but twice over—allowed Bonefist the time to secretly amass enough allies and power that when the previous Hurricane King, Skavender Pitch, was poisoned by his lover, Bonefist was poised to seize the Hurricane Crown for himself and compel the acclamation of his peers.

As the thirteenth Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist has enjoyed nearly 4 decades of unprecedented success in piracy and unquestioned rule of the seas, but as years pass without Bonefist seeming to age at all, many Free Captains whisper that he has held on to the Hurricane Crown for too long, and that new blood is needed to revitalize the Shackles. Bonefist himself has fallen into bitterness and paranoia, believing others are plotting against him. Too often, he dismisses the deliberations of the Pirate Council in favor of his own inner circle of trusted advisers, including his consort Hyapatia and first mate Tsadok Goldtooth. For now, Bonefist is content to consolidate his power and prepare. Let others take the risks now—disloyalty will be repaid with vengeance for any who challenge the Hurricane King.

Kerdak Bonefist

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